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‎_my installation work and performance-art work began with my master's thesis many moons ago and has evolved over the years. my intent is to bring the arts (in virtually all media) to the people via a public forum where i interact with actors, dancers, musicians, 2d and 3d large stage scale works, sound, lighting etc. __________ i as a primarily termed 'gallery artist' sometimes wish to expose my process outside of 'the studio' thus creating a kinetic and visual event for my audience. a simple gallery exhibition is one thing but a live presentation of my concepts involving paint, photography, film, sculpture etc.... and the aforementioned interactions onstage is another. most 'lay-people' never step within an artist's studio. they only see and appreciate a static presentation of the artist's works in galleries, museums etc. ___________ i wish to push beyond this. ultimately, this becomes a phenomenal and thrilling exercise for me and an entertaining and learning experience for my audiences. the immediate exchange and feedback on-stage is like none other._
___ girard louis drouillard ___

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